Postdoctoral Scholars

Highly motivated candidates with strong experimental background are encouraged to apply. Experience in any of the following fields is a plus: ultrafast lasers, ultrahigh vacuum, optical or photoemission microscopy, terahertz generation, energy and quantum materials. Candidates are welcome to send us an email, attaching their CV and specifying the names of 3 references.



Ph.D. Students

Our laboratory is always looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students that are interested in working in one of the following areas:

  • Search for emerging quantum phases in and out of equilibrium
  • Electronic structure mapping of atomically thin crystals
  • Spectroscopy of low-energy collective modes
  • Ultrafast coherent control and engineering of quantum materials

Potential candidates who wish to obtain diverse skill sets combining ultrafast and nonlinear optics, ultrahigh vacuum technology, numerical simulations, and quantum condensed matter, are encouraged to apply. Candidates from physics, chemistry, materials science, and electrical engineering will all be considered at any time of the year.



Undergraduate Students

We also welcome enthusiastic undergraduate students who wish to join the group. Basic knowledge in optics or materials science is a plus, but commitment to work in a team and participate in high-level research projects is more important. We will give priority to students that are willing to commit for multi semester/summer work. Interested students should contact us to discuss possible activities.